Om Daniel

Jag som driver Massageterapeuten Göteborg heter Daniel Näsman och är utbildad Dipl. Massageterapeut sedan 1996.
Jag trivs jättebra med mitt arbete och är genuint intresserad av att möta människor och kunna assistera dom i en positiv riktning.

Hälsa, friskvård och välbefinnande har alltid varit ett område av intresse och passion för mig.

Jag upptäckte själv massage då jag studerade friskvård i mitten på 90-talet, och utbildade mig sedan till massageterapeut på Axelsons Gymnastiska Institut i Göteborg.

Efter att ha jobbat några år här i Sverige så flyttade jag till London där jag under ca 20 år var verksam inom massage och behandlingsområdet. Jag jobbade med både stora och små företag, på olika mottagningar och träningsanläggningar, och med enskilda individer som kunder.

Alltid nyfiken och intresserad av att lära mig mer och utvecklas som terapeut så tillbringade jag även några år med fördjupnings studier inom olika typer av massage, behandling och rehabilitering.

Bl.a. med The British School of Shiatsu-Do i London, Jing Advanced Massage Training i Brighton och The Art and Science of Kinesiology (numera Learn Muscles Continuing Education).

Jag är medlem med full ansvars och patientförsäkring med Kroppsterapeuternas Yrkesförbund, med vilka jag också är kvalitetssäkrad, kompetensutvecklad och auktoriserad.

Catherine D

Daniel is not only a highly skilled, experienced professional, but a super-talent, with a special sensitivity to the needs of his clients.
Massage therapy is a vocation for him - and that certainly shows in his work. 
I've been lucky to benefit from his treatments for 7 years, as part of our corporate, on-site wellbeing programme.
 He has worked wonders on my back and also treated my calf and foot problems (plantar fasciitis). 
Using immense knowledge and a skilled, thoughtful approach, he really gets to the heart of any problem. A truly special massage therapist - thanks you, Daniel, for your amazing work.

Enrique J

"I consider myself not a customer but a patient of Daniel's. My weekly session restores my sense of mental and physical balance to the point that I consider it almost a religious experience.
Daniel is prudent when the patient needs to receive a health tip and seems to have a master's degree in human anatomy as he finds every knot in all those layers and layers of muscle and tendons!
I have lived in London for the last fifteen years and have received a massage once or twice a week for the last ten. I can confidantly say that Daniel has got the best pair of hands in London"


Diplomerad Massageterapeut
3 Year Shiatsu Do Diploma
3 Year Professional Diploma Advanced Clinical & Sports Massage BTEC 6
Advanced Myofascial Release Cert
Advanced Musculoskeletal Anatomy Cert
Clinical Orthopedic Manual Therapy Cert

Joanne Nicholson

Assistant Programme Director, Nuffield Health Corporate Health club

"I am writing to recommend Daniel Näsman for employment as a massage therapist. Whether you are hiring him to work on you personally or for a clinic position, 
Daniel offers a level of expertise and professionalism without comparison. 
I first met Daniel in 2005 when I first started working at Bank of America/Merrill Lynch in London where I was looking after the freelance therapists.
He was always reliable and professional; he has built a portfolio of his clients and was always busy with appointments. I have never received anything but praise about his skills and quality of service. 
I am certain that you will find Daniel's services an attribute to yourself or your clients' health and wellbeing”

Jax Conrad

Office Manager, Orsted UK, Head Office

"I am pleased to write this reference and letter of recommendation for Daniel Näsman, who has worked as a freelance on-site corporate massage therapist at Orsted for over 7 years.
Daniel has always been a reliable, knowledgeable and flexible therapist, enjoying great popularity amongst our staff and someone who was often singled out for special mention in our annual fitness and wellbeing surveys. 
While Daniel has worked with us for 7 years, I have personally known and worked with Daniel for the last 4 years and can say that in this time it has been a delight to work together and I have no hesitation in recommending him to other organisations or individuals looking for an experienced, knowledgeable and friendly therapist.
We would also happily work together with Daniel again should the opportunity arise”